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B-Ball and Star Wars - story renamed "The Unsung Hero"

Baby Chickens   In Progress

Back for Good

Back from Baja, or the Day After : Tijuana Jail 2

Back to School

Back Then

Back Together Again

Bad Boy

Bad Days Sometimes Lead to Bad Nights

The Bad Element

Bad Girls

Bad Girls II : A Weekend With Maude

Bad Girls III : Resurrection

Bad Luck

Bad Moon over Rock Hollow

Bad Moon Rising

A Bad Way to Start the Day

Bad Weather

Bail Out

Baiting the Trap

Ball Games

The Ballad of Mr. Mead

The Bank Robbery

Bank's Nightmare, Or, How to get Free Tickets to Hawaii TS Style

Banking Disaster

The Bankrobber and the Kid

A Baptism under Fire

The Barkeep's Simple Request

Bathroom on the Right

Bathtime Fun

Batter Up!

Batter Up

Battle Scars

Be Still

Be Still My Heart

Be There

Bear Trap

Bearing the Pain

Beast [Poem]


Beau's Big Day

Beautiful Dreamer

Because He Can

Because the Sky Ain't Purple

Bed of Roses


Been Had

Before the Wind

Before They Were Seven

Before We Sleep

The Beginning

The Beginning

The Beginning

Beginnings of Independence- Link through the Internet Wayback Machine

Behind the Scenes

Being There


The Beloved Mrs. Potter

Beloved Series

Chris finds that his girlfriend is a little too attracted to him...

Below Par

Beneath a Wand'ring Star

Beneath the Surface

The Best Birthday Gift

Best Christmas Ever

The Best Christmas Gift

The Best Laid Plans

Best Not to Question (PG-13)

Best of Times, Worst of Times - Ezra

Bets and Brawling

Better Than Drinking Alone

Better the Devil...

A Betting Man

Between an Egg and a Hard Place

Between Heartbeats

Between the Lines

Beware the Ides of March

The Bewitching Moon

Bidder 77

Big Brothers, Little Brothers

The Big Four-Oh

Big Foot

Big Lie, Small World

Billy's Sin

The Bird Man

Birthday Blues

A Birthday in the Present

The Bisected Letter

Black and White

Black and White

Black Magic

Black Widow



A Blast from the Past

A Blast from Hell

Blaze of Glory

The Blessing Cups


Blind Faith

Blind Justice

Blind Justice

Blind Man's Bluff

Blinded by the Light


Blink of an Eye


Blood and Water

Blood Brothers

A young Ezra objects when his mother decides to use another child in her schemes

Extort Thy Childhood

Color Me Black

Young Warriors

Beneath the Surface

More than Friends

All in the Way You Smile

Blood Ties

Blood Trail


Blurred Lines


The Board


Bolt out of the Blue



The Book of Fate series


The Border

Borrowed Time

Borrowing Trouble

Boston Ain't Your Kinda Town

The Bounty

Bounty (The Quicker Picker Upper)

Bounty Hunters

Bowling for Dullards

The Box

A Box Full of Moons

The Box Series

A series of stories set in the 7B Ranch universe that delve into the boys' backgrounds.

Buck's Before Box

Josiah's Box

Chris' Box

Nathan's Box

Ezra's Box

Vin's Box

JD's Box

Boxing Day

Boys will be Boys

Brave Words, Braver Deeds


Break a Bone Challenge Story

Break the Fast

Breakfast in Bed

Breaking Point

Breaking the Chain

Breathe and Let Heal - Linked through the Internet Wayback Machine

The Bridge

Bright Part of the Sky

Bring on the Rain

Broken Arrow

The Broken Road

A Brother to Count On

Brotherhood, Trust and Faith



The Brothers Universe

Blood as well as friendship binds the Seven in these stories


Brothers II

Brothers and Lessons   

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Name Only

The Brothers Larabee

Brown Eyes


A Brush With Greatness

Buck's Folly

Buck's Lady

Buck Songfic : Gimme Three Steps - story combined with other songfic under "Songs of the Seven: Lynyrd Skynyrd Style"

Bucklin Shot the Jukebox

Budget Cuts

Buena Vista

Building on Hope

The Bull

The Bum Lamb    In Progress

Bumps and Bruises

Bumpy Roads and Building Blocks

Bunyip Hunting

Burden of Friendship


The Bureau Files

Out of the midst of time, the Seven once again ride. . .as ATF agents, sworn to protect and serve in the 20th century.

File I: The Physical

File II: Seven Days

File III: The Stakeout

File IV: Intersections

Bureau 13

In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln formed Bureau 13, a secret and independently-operating branch of the U.S. Justice Department (before the formation of the FBI, of which Bureau 13 is now a part), who's purpose was the investigation and solution of problems or crimes of a supernatural, paranormal, extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional nature. Small teams, usually traveling teams but occasionally permanently based, consist of either trained law enforcement officials, capable civilians, or both. These teams are formed and operate independently, but are answerable to and financed through, the FBI.

Comes the Night

Burning Down the House

But I'm Not Stupid

By Any Name

By These Fists Alone

By Grace Alone

By My Side

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