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Face to Face

Facets Series

A series of short snippets based on missing scenes from various episodes.

That First Step

Doubts and Faith


Upon This Rock

A Pride of Lions

The Mask Drops

Very Funny, Mister Tanner!

Words by Heart

Facts about Cats

Facts of Life

Fade to Black


Fair Days

Faire Play

Fait Accompli




Faith of the Heart

Fall Rain

Fallen Heroes   

Falling Heroes

Falling In Periphery

Welcome to a world that can only be seen in a glimpse in the corner of your eye.

JD's Tale

Josiahs's Tale


False Accusations

False Fathers

False Intentions

A Familiar Face

Familiar Faces   


Family Business Series

Road to Hell : Recovery

Road to Hell : Reunion

Road to Hell : Reconciliation

Paying the Piper

A Sudden Gift of Fate   In Progress

Family Found Series

A Magnificent Seven ATF Numb3rs Crossover series


Family Life Series

The Seven are fathers, and must deal with their children's antics.

Warning: Corporeal punishment.

Family Life

An Even Dozen

The Long Weekend

The Mine

Miss Prissy Pants

Family Reunion

Family Secrets   In Progress

Family Ties

Fanfiction World Monthly

Fast Enough  


Father's Day

Father's Day Sinners

Father's Day, Tornados and Tigers

A Father's Embrace


Fatherhood - Linked through Internet Wayback Machine

Fathers and Sons

The Fay Wars



February Thaw

February the 13th

Federal Air Marshals

A universe that places the magnificent seven in modern times as Federal Air Marshals.

Sky Marshals : Flight 1412


Jumping to Conclusions

A Comfortable Place

Chance Encounter

Feeding Fishes

Fellow Travellers





A Few Honest Lies

A Few Simple Words

Fields of Blue

Fields of Blue [extended version]

The Fifth Commandment

The Fight

The Fight

The Fight Goes On

Fight Night

Fighting the Infidel

Figure of Speech,Take Two or The Hole

Figure of Speech

Final Call [deathfic]

Final Justice : the Sentencing of Ella Gaines

Finding a Solution

Finding Family

Finding Me

Finding the Right Place

Finding Where You Fit

Finding Wisdom

The Fine Line

Finer than Gold


Fire Bug

The Fire Drill

The Fire Inside  



First Con

The First Dance

First Day

First Day Encounter

First Impressions

First Impressions

First Love

First Thanksgiving

First Time for Everthing

First You Stumble...

Fish Tales and Fathers




The Fishing Trip

Five Hundred Dollars

Five Minutes

Flavor of the Day

The Flight of the Pula

Flight 1412

Floods, Momma Cows, and Crocodiles

Flowers or Candy Would Have Been Better

Foggy Nights and Clear Vision

Follow Me

Follow the Stars Home

Following the Fence Home

Food Critics

A Fool and His Boots

The Fool's Errand

Fool's Gold and Ashes

Fool's Paradise  

Fools with Dreams

For Faith

For Faith [Adult Version]

For Jann, Sorry

For the Best

For the Right Price

For the Sake of a Friend - WB

For the Small and Insignificant

For Want of a Shoe  

Force Protection

Foretold Dreams



Forgotten Memories

The Forgotten One

Fork in the Road

Form and Function




Fortunate Sons   

48 Hours

The Forward


The Found Letter

Found Treasures


Founder's Day

Fountain of Youth

Four Corners Academy

Four Corners of the Ponderosa

Four Corners Police Department

The Seven make up the members of Squad One, in the Four Corners Police Department.

In the Beginning

Aftermath   In Progress


The Judge and the Bird

Thrills and Spills

One of those Days ... Weeks ... Can I Pull My Hair Out Now???

Ultra Vires

The Four Kingdoms

The Four Kingdoms : After the Fall

The Four Kingdoms : The Fay Wars

The Four Kingdoms : The Border

The Four Kingdoms : Rhea and the Wolf

Four Things That Mattered


The medieval and magical world Forasine. The technologically advanced, futuristic world Silcado with its great cities. The nature world Evanthal, that was inhabited by the mysterious elves. And the rough frontier world Telor with its telepathic and empathic inhabitants.

Black mages from the world of Frasine tore the very fabric of space and time in a move nobody could later understand, let alone reproduce. Rips and tears had appeared all over the land, leading to other worlds. Diplomat Orrin Travis forms a law enforcement team that could cross the borders as easily as the criminals did.

The Beginning

Hunts Gone Wild   In Progress



Free At Last

Free Bird [Revised]

Josiah's songfic: Freebird - story combined with other songfic under "Songs of the Seven: Lynyrd Skynyrd Style"

Freedom from Fear   


Fresh Air

A Friend in Deed

A Friend in Me

A Friend in Need

A Friend to Me

Friends and Family   

Friends for Life

Friends, Frogs and Facts



Friendship Collection

A series of short stories on the nature of friendship.

The Nesting Instinct



A Strong Foundation




A Mother's Wisdom


Friends and Family   

An Important Lesson   

Coffee with Bear Milk and Friendship   

Friendship Walk

Frogs in a Kettle

From A to B

From Here to There — And Back Again

From New Moon to New Moon

From the Files of Buck Wilmington, P.I.

From the Heart

The Front Lines

Frontier Fleet   

Frontier Justice




Full Circle

Full Circle

Full Circle

Full Circle

Full Circle

Full Exposure

Full Moon

Full Moon

Full Moon at Four Corners

The Funeral of Obediah Jackson

Funny Bone

Future Echoes : Homecoming

Future Echoes : Glimpses of Life

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