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A Sacrifice to Fire


A Sad Day in Hell


Safecracker : Missing Scene

Safecracker : Missing Scene

Safety in Numbers

Saints and Sinners

Salt and Pepper, Pt 1

Salt and Pepper, Pt. 2


The Samaritan's Choice

The Same Damn Resolution

Santa and the Devil

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claws

Santa Ez

Saturday Night Life

Saving Grace

Saving Vin

Say it with Mushrooms

Say What?

Say You Love Me


Scar Spar  


Scars That Bind

Scenes of My Life

Scent of a Man

School Bells and Wedding Rings

School's Out  

The Search

Searching for Something

Seasons of Love

Second Chances

Second Childhood

Second Guessing

Secret Obsession

Secret Vices


Seed of Doubt

Seeing the Other Side

Seeking and Finding Wisdom

Send in the...

Sense and Sensibility

Sentinel [poem]



Settle for Less

Settling In

Settling the Score



Seven and the Desert Prince   In Progress

Seven Days

Seven Dragons   

The Seven Heroes

Seven of Chaos

The Seven Scrolls

I speak for the Scribe: Those who like lengthier, more involved Magnificent Seven fan fiction stories may look to these scrolls for your pleasure. I will warn you now that the stories contained in this page are more than just a few pages long. The Scribe pens full length features and not short tales where favourite characters neither have time to develop, nor do she wrap erotica in flimsy plot lines. Some of the materials are graphic, whether they be sexual, violent or controversial so I warn those of you who are under 18 to give this page a miss or check the ratings. The Scribe is not responsible for the corruption of minors.

Take a look at the Someday Series as well. It is set a little in the future, and focuses on the children of the Seven.

Longer Stories


One of Those Days

Mary Travis and the Cult of the Staring Eyes

The Narrow Margin Between Love and War

The Reckoning



Hunters And Prey

Bad Girls


Passion and Possession

The Wish


Bad Girls II


Sins of the Father



A Day in the Life...


Bad Girls III - Resurrection




Ringo In Progress

Short Stories

Elena's Day Out



Seven Toy Soldiers

7 x 5 x 15: Book 1

7 x 5 x 15:Book 2

Seventh Heaven

Sex in the Office

SG-7 Series

Stargate Command exists secretly below Cheyenne Mountain, investigating an alien artifact which acts as a portal to other worlds. A number of different teams have been set up, to travel through the Stargate, exploring new worlds, and looking for allies in the fight against the alien, parasitic Gou'ald...

Rivalling SG-1 in fame among the selected few who know the secret of the Stargate is SG-7, lead by Col. Chris Larabee.

Note: These stories are listed in chronological order.

More than Friends

Under the Sun

Days of Yearning

Always There

A Light in the Distance

Sun, Fun and Ezra on the Run

Full Circle

Open House

Home for Christmas

Best Christmas Ever

Stupid Cupid's Day

Return to Innocence

Karaoke Night

When the Night's on Fire

Mine to Keep    In Progress


Payback II

Payback III

In Memory   [Refers to the events in Sept. 11]

A Pound of Flesh



The Shade of Four Corners [deathfic]

Shades of Winter

Shadow [Poem]

Shadow in the Moonlight   

Shadow's Grasp [poem]


Shadowdancers In Progress

Shadows Series

Spectral Shadows

Jumping at Shadows

Stalking Shadows

Shaking the Dust

Shared Pain

Shared Traditions   

Sharing Demons (PG-13)

Shark   In Progress

She is Overheard Singing

Shelter for the Heart

The Shield of Gelert

Shields of Honor

A Shining Place Called Hope

Shining with Undying Light

Shootin' Blanks

Shop With a Cop

A Short Story   

Shouldn't Be Surprised

Short Straw


Should the Angels Call

Show Ribbons


Shut Up and Kiss Me

Sick Days

Sick Horse (Trick Horse)

Sick Sense of Humor

Side by Side



Sign — Life



Silence is Beautiful

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

Silence Series

Things change radically for the Magnificent Seven when Ezra finds he is going deaf.

Then All Was Silence

When Silence isn't Enough

Silence is Beautiful

When Silence Hurts

The Silent Father   

Silent Gifts

Silent Memories   

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Voices

The Silver Lining

Simon Says

Simple is Best

Simple Man - Vin's Songfic - story combined with other songfic under "Songs of the Seven: Lynyrd Skynyrd Style"

Simple, Perfection

Simple Pleasures

The Sin

Sin City - Linked through WB

Since I Lost You

Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father, Part One    Revised

Sins of the Father : Restitution    In Progress

Sins of the Past

Sippin' Whiskey

Sippin' Whiskey II: The Next Day

Sittin' Easy

Six Days, Seven Knights

Six Clicks   

Six Down...One to Go!


Sky Marshals : Flight 1412

The Skunk Chronicles

The boys acquire an interesting mascot...

Spring Daze

Shootin' Blanks

Professional Courtesy

Bathtime Fun


Sick Days

The Great Skunknapping


Slip of the Tongue

Slippery Road

A Sliver of Night

The Slow Season

Small Packages

Small Refugees

Small Steps

Small Treasures


Snake in the Grass

Snake Oil, Dynamite, and Pink Flamingoes

Snake on the Loose



Snow Angels

Snow Bound

Snow Cat

Snow Shaker


So Far From Home

So Far, So Good

So Simple

Soar [Poem]


Society's Child   

Soldier Boy



Some Assembly Required

Some Desperate Glory

Some Things He Needs To Be Told

Somebody's Got Some 'Spleenin' To Do



Someday Series

In her Seven Scrolls series, The Scribe painted a picture of the Seven's future....and Lady Angel adds a few flourishes!


Fatherhood - Linked through WB

The Crush

Run, Chris, Run! (Or, What Vin did after Sam Dropped her Little Bomb)

A Sad Day in Hell

Meeting the Parents

Here Fishy, Fishy

The Trade

A Chip off the Ol' Block

Someone Else's Son

Someone He Knew

Someone to Ride the River With   

Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone's Lifesavings


Something Never Comes

Something Solid to Stand On

Something Tangible

Something to Live For

Something to Prove

Something Wicked

Something's Not Quite Right


Sometimes a Man doesn't have a Choice

Sometimes a Man Has to Do What a Man Has to Do

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes it is Better for a Colonel Not to Know

Somewhere In-Between

A Song for David

Song of Chiara

Songs of the Seven: Lynyrd Skynyrd Style

Sooner or Later

Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing


Sound of Silence

South Bridge Series

South Bridge turns out to be a place of ill-omen for the Seven.

Night and Day

Somewhere In-Between

Someone Else's Son

Sometimes I Wonder

The Day Away

Something Solid to Stand On

The South Wind

The South Wind

The South Wind [Adult Version]

Southern Accents

Southern Cross   

Special Delivery

Spectral Shadows

Speed and Control

Spell Bound

Spilt Milk


The Spirit of a Hero

The Spirit of Giving

The Spirit of the Season

Spokes in the Wheel


Spring Days 'Til Winter

Spring Daze

Spring is In the Air

Spring Water

The Stagecoach

The Stagecoach

The Stakeout


Stalking Shadows

Stand Firm


Standing Outside the Fire

Star of Wonder


The Steal of the Night - Linked through WB

Still a Man

Stitch in Time

Stolen Moment


A Stone, Turned

Stone's Throw

Stop the Press

The Storm

The Storm

Storm Chasing

Storm Watching

Storms of the Past

The Story of Boston Bound


The Strands of a Rope

Strange as it Seems

Strange Encounters

A Stranger's Protection

Strangers in a Strange Town


Strength and Honor

Strength in Numbers

Strength of Seven

Strength of Soul

Stress Relief

Strictly Business

Stripes and Fried Stars...

Stroking the Cat Backwards - now combined in one story "Cataclysm"

A Strong Foundation

Strong Ties


Stronger than you Think

Stubborn Fool

Stud Muffin


Stupid Cupid's Day


Subsequent Existence

A Sudden Gift of Fate   In Progress

Sui Generis


Summer Days

A Summons Faint Yet Absolute

Sun, Fun and Ezra on the Run

The Sun, the Moon, the Sky, the Clouds

Sunday Lunch


The Supernatural Adventures of Cuervo and the Seven

It seems Cuervo is protecting our boys...

The Real Story

A Little Help from My Friends

A Helping Hand

Tuesday in the Office with Gremlins

Sure Bet




A Survivor's Soul

Sweet Home Alabama: Nathan's Songfic - story combined with other songfic under "Songs of the Seven: Lynyrd Skynyrd Style

Sweet Pain Series - Triptych - Sweet Pain Series combined into one story

A triptych of thoughts, set after a bust goes horribly wrong. Each story is concurrent with and complementary to the others.

Sweet Pain

Endless Night

Morning, Broken

Sweet Secret


The Swift Kick   

The Swill Brothers   

Swinging Doors

Swooshed Away

Synchronization in Chaos

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